Cono Wall LampCono Wall Lamp


Cono Wall Lamp

From $529
Cono Table LampCono Table Lamp


Cono Table Lamp

From $579
Cono Floor LampCono Floor Lamp


Cono Floor Lamp

From $719
Mirror BarbMirror Barb


Mirror Barb

Mirror BoxMirror Box


Mirror Box

Hoop RackHoop Rack


Hoop Rack

Tray Shelf - HighTray Shelf - High


Tray Shelf - High

From $4,099
Tray Shelf - LowTray Shelf - Low


Tray Shelf - Low

From $2,299
Virka SideboardVirka Sideboard


Virka Sideboard

From $1,999
Soround Side TableSoround Side Table


Soround Side Table

From $349
Soround Coffee TableSoround Coffee Table


Soround Coffee Table

From $399
Piezas Dining TablePiezas Dining Table


Piezas Dining Table

From $139

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The WOUD Mission

WOUD has a simple mission:

"We create timeless design with great attention to quality, simplicity and honesty. Designs that are made for you - and made for use. Our vision is clear. We want to share our love for honest design. We believe timeless design can express personalities, evoke feelings, inspire people and create beautiful spaces."

WOUD Furniture, Lighting, Accessories, Outdoor, and Textiles

WOUD has a broad and deep selection of designs across five divisions: furniture, lighting, accessories, outdoor, and textiles.


WOUD manufactures furniture for the modern home. Let's walk through some favorites from the WOUD furniture collection.

The Array series is inspired by the wooden slate cladding found in modern architecture. With its geometric shape and horizontal slats, Array creates a strong visual effect by catching both light and shadow in the depth of the slats.

The Arc Coffee Table and Side Table is named after mathematical concept of a smooth curve joining two points in a circle. Arc invites you to make use of its simple functionalities––simply use one finger to turn the upper tabletop to reveal hidden storage. Keep it open to display your favorite design objects––its simple expression will fit in a variety of spaces.

The Meadow Lounge Chair is Scandinavian furniture at its finest. Characterized by amiable organic shapes and curvy lines, Meadow persuasively portrays a solid yet soaring silhouette while it offering a comfortable seat.


The WOUD collection of lighting features a variety of designs made for beautiful spaces.

The Ghost Lamp series, designed by Studio Kowalewski, is intended to evoke feelings of antique portable oil lamps. Made of translucent opal glass, the shade gives an illusion of a white cloth thrown over the light source, resembling the appearance of a friendly ghost in the air.

The Dew Table/Wall Lamp is a contemporary take on archetypical lanterns, with glowing ellipsoid opal glass resting on a soft solid wood tray.

Home Accessories

WOUD's home accessories feature simple expressions intended to inspire people worldwide to appreciate thoughtful details. It's wonderful how the use of design objects in modern design can express personalities with a simple glance. Some favorites include the Arkiv Bookends, the Jeu De Des Candle Holder, and the Loop Tray.


With simple expressions, textiles add warmth and texture to a modern design home. Woven as a double textile, the Double Throw is made of 100% merino wool, making it light despite its cozy size. Kyoto is a hand-tufted wool rug inspired by the distinctive patterns found in traditional raked Japanese rock gardens.