Nomad Ladder


The Skagerak Nomad Ladder is a flexible storage solution for wide range home interiors. The Nomad Ladder leans causally against the wall and is easily relocated when a little change is needed. It comes with 4 small metal hooks attached to it and 2 shelf sizes are available for the 6 steps making up the sculptural ladder.

Although there is enough room for a combination of 6 shelves, for the best look we recommend utilizing negative space and using 2 or 3 shelves with the larger depth at the bottom and the narrower one above. We ship matching color shelves, so an Oak ladder will receive matching oak shelves if ordered. 

Available in Solid Oak or Teak.

In Stock: Ships within 3-5 business days from our US warehouse

Shelves are available in 10.24" depth or 7.48" depth.

Dimensions:76.38"H x 21.63"W

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