Spring Copenhagen

Diplo Napkin Holder in Dark Stained Oak


The Spring Copenhagen Diplo in dark stained oak is a unique piece of design.

An inventive rethinking of the box that comes to life from its division of a zigzag line.

Diplo in oak is a fresh take on modern Nordic design created by the Greek architect and designer Baki Katsinis.

It started with a simple problem: How to store napkins? They are cumbersome to handle once unpacked, but with the Diplo they can lie perfectly inside.

But the designer behind so soon that there were many more options hidden in this crooked box. The designer, Baki Katsinis, hopes that others will want to think further about the features of his design and take the same playful approach to Diplo from which it was created.

Dimensions: 7.08"L x 7.08"W x 2.76"H

In Stock: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse 

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