Lyngby Porcelain

Lyngby Porcelain Vase 20.5 White


Lyngby Porcelain Vases are handcrafted in Denmark and are a staple for any home aiming to achieve a modern and distinct style. This piece makes for a stunning heirloom and easy to style accessory, and stands out on its own or when united with other Lyngby Porcelain pieces.

The Lyngby brand has a rich history, having been established in the 1930's, Lyngby continues to be one of the most prominent producers of porcelain in the world, and is highly regarded as influential to minimalistic and functional design. 

Originally created in 1936, the Lyngby Porcelain Vase in White remains one of the most iconic pieces from the brand since relaunching in 2012. 

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Dimensions:  7.9"H x 4.6"D

Key Features:

  • Handmade Porcelain
  • Classic Design - The Lyngby vase is a design classic originally designed in 1936. Look for the hand-printed green monogram applied to the bottom of each Lyngby Porcelain product.

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