OCT Brewer


The OCT Brewer by KINTO is a porcelain brewing accessory that is perfect for the avid coffee drinker. We love the detailed shapes and sharp lines of this octagonal brewer, making it an easy and comfortable hold. 

We love that this item is equally impressive when in use or simply on display, making it a great addition to open shelving. Pair this with your favorite mug for the best part of your morning ritual. Available in both 2 Cups and 4 Cups.

Please note: this item is dishwasher safe, and product size and shape may vary slightly due to its


2 Cup - 4.6"W x 4.0"D x 3.6"H

4 Cup - 5.2"W x 4.4"D x 4.2"H

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 business days from our US based warehouse

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