Ferm Living

Stone Candle Holder


Inspired by nature and earth inspired shapes, the Ferm Living stone candle holder is the perfect solution to cluster stem candles for dinner parties, Thanksgiving or any holiday festivities.

Formed after the rough stone of a mountainside, the candleholder is made from casted metal and has a matte finish that compliments its jagged silhouette.

The Stone Candle Holder is available in 2 sizes and 3 different finishes.

Made from a cast Aluminum or Brass.

Dimensions: Small:1.98"W x 1.45"H x 1.48"D | Large: 3.48"W x 2.67"H x 3.05"D

Quickship: This item is currently in stock and will ship in 1-3 business days from our US based warehouse

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