Louis Poulsen

Enigma Pendant Lamp


Designed by Shoichi Uchiyama, the Enigma emits glare-free, soft, and comfortable downward light. The halogen lamp, not visible from any angle, is hidden in the cone so it hits each shade of the pendant. The result is a unique expression that can be puzzling to the eye, hence the name enigma. Aluminum wires hold each shade perfectly parallel to the next, creating the illusion of floating light. Shoichi Uchiyama was inspired by Japanese lighting culture, while aligning with Louis Poulsen's philosophy of glare-free and comfortable light.

Enigma comes in three sizes in either black or brushed aluminum and works great in both residential and commercial space. Combine and layer them in clusters for a striking statement that casts soft light.

Material: Brushed & lacquered aluminum

Dimensions: Small/425: 17.7" Dia x 11.3"H; requires 1x100W /A19 /IF medium bulb | Medium/545: 

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 3-7 days

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