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Hasami PorcelainLarge Planter and Saucer Set in Gloss Blue - Batten Home

Large Planter and Saucer Set in Gloss Blue

Hasami Porcelain
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The Hasami Porcelain Planter and Saucer makes a beautiful home for your much loved house plants.

This two piece set comprises of a planter and saucer. The planter features a drainage hole and sits perfectly on top of the saucer.

Like all Hasami Porcelain products, the allure Hasami Porcelain items is in the texture of their clay: slightly course and organic to the touch. 

The entire Hasami Porcelain collection combines traditional appeal with a modern organic aesthetic. 

All items are made in made in Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan.

Also Available: Hasami Porcelain Small Planter

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Dimensions: 5.5"Dia x 5"H