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Kurbis Lampshade - Small


The Kurbis Lampshade presents a charming twist on the classic rice paper lantern. Carefully made from rich Washi paper, Kurbis deviates from the traditional round shape to embrace an organic and asymmetric silhouette that gives it a distinctive and unique look. Inspired by the pumpkin and squash family (kurbis is German for pumpkin), the rice paper lampshade emanates a soft and gentle light that adds ambiance and charm to any room.

Also Available: Kurbis Lampshade - MediumKurbis Lampshade - Large

Dimensions: 14.96" Dia x 15.75"H 

Material:  Washi paper with stainless steel wire and stainless steel structure.  Light bulb and fabric cord set not included. 

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 7-10 days

Care Instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth.  

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