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About COOEE Design

Inspired by her family’s design roots, Catrine Åberg founded COOEE Design, nestled in the woods of Southern Sweden's Småland. While at first, COOEE Design focused on jewelry, in 2015, the Swedish brand entered the world of ceramics with the Ball Vase. Production takes place in Asia, where high-quality ceramics have long been made.

The COOEE Design Ball Vase's earthy colors and minimalistic shapes quickly became known all over the world, with stock moving globally to meet the demand. The COOEE Design Ball Vase quickly became a hit, made popular by its signature sandy surface and sophisticated silhouette. Many more high-quality interior products followed, complementing the characteristic form and flowing structure of the Ball Vase.

Since then, COOEE Design has offered popular accessories in minimalistic shapes coveted by designers all over the world, expanding to include a variety of vases and minimalist sculptures, with new shapes added each year. COOEE Design's minimalistic Scandinavian vases fit perfectly in the modern Scandinavian home, making them the perfect piece to style on modern furniture.

Earthy Colours, Minimalistic Shapes: The Brand's Timeless Products Share A Few Common Characteristics

What makes COOEE Design vases so well known? A few characteristics can be seen in every single COOEE Design vase.

Earthy Colours

The earthy colours are part of a palate intentionally used across different vase designs. For example, the black tone of the Ball Vase will perfectly match the Pillar Vase.

Signature Texture

The characteristic texture of COOEE Design vases is a major part of what makes them so popular. Interacting with COOEE Design vases is a full-on sensory experience, with a sandy texture that demands to be felt.

Differing Shapes & Flowing Structures

The differing shapes and flowing structures of each COOEE Design piece naturally inspire endless combinations for styling. We love how they are all so easily mixed while still preserving a cohesive design. This is because COOEE Design's collection is based on the mix-and-match principle, where all pieces are designed to work with one another.

COOEE Design's Iconic Ball Vase

COOEE Design’s series of Ball Vases is a staple for every soft, minimal home. One of the most popular products/minimalistic shapes from COOEE Design, the Ball Vase comes in a variety of sizes and muted colours.

Ball Vases are handmade and hand-painted with a lovely matte finish. The interior is glazed to hold water, making it a great vessel for fresh flower arrangements or dried greenery. The exterior's sandy surface is irresistible to touch.

With multiple sizes and a broad selection of muted colors, we love how you can group varying sizes and colors for a unique look. At the same time, each vase can fit perfectly as a single design object on a shelf or table.

Mix-and-Match Principle Allows for Endless Combinations

We love how COOEE Design offers ceramics that are intended to be easily mixed and matched throughout the home, offering endless combinations for personalizing your beautiful home interior.

Arrange a few pieces of various sizes on a coffee table for a sophisticated home look with a flowing structure. Place a few vases from the Drift collection, the Collar Vases, and Pillar Vases on built-in shelving with books and other objects placed in between for a cohesive look and a beautiful sophisticated home interior.

With multiple earthy colours, minimalistic shapes, and muted colours to choose from, the brand's timeless products can be easily mixed and arranged in so many different ways, making them fit perfectly in the home, even as your style evolves. The high-quality interior products are designed to last for years with proper care!

For dinner parties, elevate a set table by scattering several vases of varying sizes and colors across the center, adding fresh flowers for a memorable touch. With a broad selection of minimalistic Scandinavian vases to choose from, every styled niche is bound to be one of a kind.

Drift, Seedpod and Frodig by Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal

COOEE Design is a contemporary design brand that prioritizes design collaborations to bring you high-quality interior products. Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal, one of many talented designers commissioned by COOEE Design, is a celebrated artist and wood sculptor from Norway who was formerly a ballet dancer.

With an eye for creating beautiful and flowing shapes inspired by nature, Pfeffer Gjendal hand-carved vase collections for COOEE Design out of wood. The new Drift, Seedpod, and Frodig vases were then translated by COOEE Design into their ceramic forms. Though the COOEE Design vases are hollow, they look beautiful styled with or without greenery. Like all other COOEE Design vases, each design features earthy colours, minimalistic shapes, and an irresistible texture.

One unique characteristic of the Drift collection is its texture, inspired by the ridges left in the sand after a wave washes ashore. The Drift collection can be found here. The Seedpod Vases were inspired by their namesake. Shop the Seedpod Vases here and the Frodig Vase right here.

How to Care for COOEE Design Vases

COOEE Design wants its pieces to last for generations, which is why COOEE Design offers personalized care instructions for all ceramic pieces.

Care Instructions for Ceramic COOEE Design Vases

  • Clean the hand-painted outer surface with a soft dry cloth.

  • If needed, add a small amount of water onto the cloth and gently wipe to remove dirt spots.

  • To preserve the signature COOEE Design texture, make sure to dry the vase completely after cleaning.

  • When not displayed, store the vase in its original packaging to prevent damage. While the inside of the vase is glazed to hold water, it is best to let the vase dry between uses.

Picking the Right Modern Vase for You

If you're looking for a sophisticated home feel, COOEE Design offers popular products and minimalistic shapes that are bound to work right for your taste. To find the right fit for you, follow the mix-and-match principle by selecting 2-3 shapes and 2-3 muted colours that work with your minimalistic Scandinavian vibe.

For example, if most of your furniture is grey, add some warmth with an Ochre tone, some contrast with Black. With these colors in mind, opt for a mix of sizes and styles, like the Drift collection in black or the COOEE Design Pillar Vases in Ochre. Arrange the pieces in an organically flowing structure for a beautiful home interior that can be rearranged whenever you like!

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